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Why is an infrared heater much more effective and efficient than a conventional space heater?


Conventional heaters work indirectly by warming the air in a room which in turn warms the people and the objects in it. This type of convection heat not only wastes energy by having to warm the air first before the heat is felt, but you also don’t feel the benefits of the heater as soon as it is turned on. It might take quite a few minutes for a room to heat up before you feel warmth.

Infrared heat on the other hand, is a radiant heat which heats you and the objects in the room directly at the speed of light and is not dependent on heating the air first in order for you to feel warmth. You feel the warmth almost instantly once the heater is turned on. This principle makes infrared heaters far more efficient than conventional heaters.

Another unique property of infrared heat that makes it so efficient and effective is that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the space and from floor to ceiling. The infrared waves heat the water molecules in the air directly and quickly, and because water molecules are denser than air, the heat stays more evenly distributed throughout the room. Also, water and objects retain heat longer than air, so the heat is not lost as quickly through poor insulation, windows, doors and cracks. Dry heated air produced by conventional heaters rises to the ceiling, leaving the air closer to the floor much cooler, while not dispersing evenly, leaving cold pockets. The heated air is quickly dissipated through widows, doors, cracks and gaps, so a conventional heater has to work much harder to keep the room at a constant temperature than an infrared heater, making conventional heating methods less efficient and less effective.

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