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How to Start Saving Money this Winter

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If you want to save money during the winter, you should buy an infrared heater. It is a good investment because it is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. 

Cost Effective

Although a space heater is efficient, it wastes energy because it uses zone heating to warm a home. An infrared heater, however, only heats specific parts of a home. As a result, overall heating costs are typically lower. Homeowners who use infrared heaters often reduce their monthly energy bills by nearly 30 percent. Additional savings are possible if a home has proper insulation and quality construction.

Environmentally Friendly

Pollution is a serious issue in many areas, so natural resources must be used efficiently. Infrared heaters help the environment because they do not produce any toxic combustions or open flames. In addition, homeowners save cash throughout the winter since infrared heaters don’t need fuel.

Energy Efficient

When compared to conventional heaters, infrared heaters use far less energy. Most infrared heaters use 300 watts of electricity. However, if you prefer more power, there are also heaters that use 800 watts of electricity, which is enough energy to warm a large space.

Bonus Advice - Additional Ways To Save Money During The Winter

Whenever the sun is shining, open your drapes and let the solar rays warm your home. Then, shortly before the sunsets, insulated the heat in your home by closing the drapes.

If your home has a traditional fireplace, keep it shut because the opening will pull heat out of your home. To increase warmth, place a sheet of insulation over the chimney. You can purchase a rigid insulation sheet from a local hardware store.

To keep your home toasty warm, install insulation in your ceilings. If your ceiling are already insulated, increase the insulation to R-38. The new insulation will lower your energy bill by five to 25 percent.

If your home was ductwork, ensure that each duct is leak-free. For this task, you may need to hire a contractor.

Finally, replace your old windows with high-efficiency windows. By installing ENERGY STAR windows, you can decrease your energy costs by nearly 15 percent. 

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