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ATI Infrared Heaters Reviews



  1. perfect heater. we recommend it. 

    Posted by Nina's Pizza on Oct 11th 2012

    We put it in our small pizza shop and it heats the space well. We hope it can be used in the winter too.

  2. Awesome -Stop looking and buy! 

    Posted by ARDT on Oct 9th 2012

    I had this heater for 2 days and I'm alreardy in love with it. I rated it 5 stars on heat/design but the real test will be when the electric and heat bills come in!

  3. I may buy another one 

    Posted by Robert Stanskie on Oct 9th 2012

    I got it for my office and the girls are in love with it. It heats up the room quick. It saves me money too because they aren't jacking up the radiator anymore. Thanks Cory for answering my questions too!!!

  4. I'm happy 

    Posted by John Tigue on Oct 9th 2012

    I just got my heater and it does what it states.


  5. I just got my heat force 

    Posted by Vince Cali on Nov 16th 2012

    I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality. The combo feature makes it a great deal. I'm going to buy another one at the sale price today. I look forward to another one.

  6. Great deal. Thanks for answering my questions. 

    Posted by Skip on Nov 14th 2012

    I need an infrared heater. I called them today and spoke to Cory. Very helpful and pleasant. Thanks for answering my questions.


    Posted by Lisa Wentzel on Oct 22nd 2012

    We live in out in the country and our heat and hot water runs on propane. We were constantly turning our heat down to about 60 to make sure we made it through the winter. We finally agreed to try this heater and let me tell you, it is AMAZING!!! It heated our house so well, that we were actually able to turn the propane thermostat down to 56 degrees. I also worried about it being safe for my kids but the metal grate in the front is covered by a fabric so that it doesn't get too hot. The outside stays perfectly cool. Our electricity bill did not raise by much either!! Wonderful heater!!!!

  8. works great 

    Posted by Fran Lynady on Oct 22nd 2012

    everything about the heater is great. Really has saved money and buying directly from the factory was great because it saved me money. I would suggest this heater to anyone looking for heat at a low cost.

  9. It does a great job 

    Posted by Tim Stack on Oct 22nd 2012

    I use the heater to heat our living area at night for some puppies and it is so nice to enter from a cold bedroom and have a toasty living area in the mornings - I saw an infomercial on TV for a very similar unit for twice the price, so I am very pleased with this unit.

  10. Great heater 

    Posted by Mary Gillcrest on Oct 22nd 2012

    I purchased this heater as a cheaper alternative to the Eden Pure. So far after one month of owning it, I am very pleased and would recommend it to anyone.

  11. Thanks to your staff! 

    Posted by David Harrison on Oct 2nd 2012

    I called. They answered the phone and Cory was able to direct me to the infrared heater I needed. Their pricing is lower than anyone's. Fist bump for Cory. 

  12. the perfect infrared heater for my bedroom 

    Posted by Jeremy Bell on Sep 28th 2012

    these guys are great. I called before I bought this heater. They were very helpful with answering my questions and helped me chose the heater I needed.

  13. Can't beat it for the price! 

    Posted by Diane on Oct 3rd 2012

    Only 149. That's the lowest I found online and the heater is perfect for my daughter's bedroom. I have it set so it turns on and off when the room needs heat. Thanks guys!

  14. heats up my space well 

    Posted by Matthew Manning on Sep 28th 2012

    I have a small apartment in nyc and i ordered this heater and it does heat my whole apartment. It's saving me allot on heating the apartment. I'd refer anyone to get this one.